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We help organizations build open, effective workplaces ... one team at a time.

For almost 20 years, the partners of BusinessTheatre Works, LLC have successfully provided workplace training services to major corporations, government agencies and non-profits.

We develop and deliver theatre-based programs that head off potential problems and help resolve existing issues. Our results-oriented presentations encourage sustainable, strategic changes that enable firms and organizations to better achieve their goals and objectives.

"We were particularly impressed by how well you portrayed the culture, content, language and process of our business ... ultimately giving us a new cutting edge training tool."
Barbara Danielson
Manager, Business Process Solutions Group
"Utilizing this method to educate our stewards was a new endeavor for Local I that proved to be both enjoyable and effective. The evaluations showed that the messages we hope to convey to our union stewards were received in a stimulating and educating environment."
Frank C. DeRiso
President, District Union, Local I
United Food Services & Commercial Workers
"Nothing but rave reviews have been received on this exemplary theatrical event on teamwork. Our members (majority of whom are engineers and managers) graded your event as highly instructive, and extremely entertaining. The scenarios accurately depicted our workplace. You and your fellow actors have left a long-lasting impression on our employees."
Sethu Palani
President, 6-9 Managment Club-2000
Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems
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